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7 keys to a successful long-term relationship

1. Communication – This refers to listening, sharing your thoughts, and avoiding criticism. (“I often ask for feedback from my partner.”)

2. Conflict resolution – Staying focused on the topic and on the present. This refers to the will to forgive or apologize as necessary. (“I’m always ready to forgive when my partner apologizes.”)

3. Knowledge of partner – This refers to knowing how to have fun with your partner, knowing your partner’s preferences, and caring about your partner’s wishes. (“I always remember my partner’s birthday and other special days.”)

4. Life skills – This refers to being able to manage finances, stay fit and healthy, and keep a job. (“I’m always prepared for possible hard times.”)

5. Self-management – This refers to knowing your strengths and weaknesses, striving to overcome your weaknesses, and identifying and reaching your goals. (“I regularly take time to reflect on my dreams and obstacles.”)

6. Sex and romance – This refers to being caring about your partner’s sexual satisfaction, setting aside time for intimacy, and staying attractive for your partner. (“I always make time for sexual intimacy with my partner.”)

7. Stress management – This refers to being able to use various methods to cope with stress, such as imagery, relaxation, planning, and organizing. (“I have no trouble prioritizing.”)


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